Plaguelands FREE on Kindle!

After months of writing, editing, and getting the art work finalized… Plaguelands is now available FREE (for a limited time) on Kindle and Amazon! The story sets up the universe of Slayers: a post-apocalyptic future where robotic warriors keep the zombie hordes at bay.  This first novel is written from the perspective of Pax Faustus, an eighteen-year […]

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There’s been all this talk about the upcoming Slayers game and the Plaguelands novel that we haven’t talked much about our other projects.  Like this one:  ElvenLight! Remember how a certain half-ling used the light of a certain elven star to ward off giant spiders in a cave in a certain trilogy of certainly awesome […]

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The Love Story

Pax and Rebekah couldn’t come from more different backgrounds.  Pax Faustus is a child of the Cascadia Republic, genetically-engineered to resist the Plague and be a “perfect” specimen of humanity.  His parents were affluent.  He was taking university classes at age sixteen.  He had been to space before he was twelve and looked down upon […]

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Public Space Activation

I (Jae) started my career as an urban planner.  My job was to help communities grow into places where they would live, work, and play.  A lot of places, however, aren’t fun – no matter how much help they could ever get.  You get in your car to go anywhere.  You sit in traffic.  You eat […]

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Alternis’ First Patent Filed

SLAYERS is now officially “patent pending” with receipt of the provisional application by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)!  What this is means is that we can stop being vague about what we’re doing and really start getting you excited, so hold on to your butts: We’re bringing mobile multiplayer online augmented-reality (“MMOAR”) gaming […]

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Ghouls and Outcasts

As detailed in a previous post about C-Virus, the side effects of the disease are gruesome.  The most common symptom is crippling joint and muscle pain that can linger for months or years after the infection. GHOULS are humans who have been so badly hunched over by the plague that they are barely able to walk. […]

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